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Let me introduce myself ... I am Karen Rome and have been a holistic therapist for over 20 years having specialised in a wide variety of mind and body therapies as well as other services. My other website is  ....

I have always had a passion for the Islands , Ho'oponopono , Huna, Shamanism and loved the flow of Lomi Lomi massage, but didn't really appreciate how deeply this massage works on healing old hurts and bringing about wholeness until I did the training course...and now I know that it is so much more than a massage !!

I loved the spiritual aspect and history that goes with it and after spending my Honeymoon on a Cruise visiting the Tahitian and Hawaiian islands, I knew that I wanted to know more and qualify as a Lomi Lomi Massage Practitioner. So I completed my Lomi Lomi massage training,  Pohaku Hot Stones techniques, Chant and Hawaiian teachings with Louise Kleu McAvoy at Aloha House.

I then went on to do the Advanced Lomi Lomi training where we learnt new massage techniques as well as the energy Hawaiian healing techniques known as Bone Washing and Kahi Loa. I had also previously completed a Kahi Loa online course with serge Kahili King. I absolutely loved it and you can see by my reviews that my clients found some benefit too.

Before that I did a short CPD course with Zen Tranquility. It was a very basic massage course but it opened the door for me.

I have also completed a course of Ho'oponopono with Udemy and am currently working towards the Ho'oponopono Certified Practitioner training course with Dr Joe Vitale, Mathew Dixon and Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len.

Exciting stuff that I plan to offer to my clients on it's own to help as well as alongside the Bone Washing and Kahi Loa Shamanic Energetic Bodywork techniques.

'A' ohe pau ka 'ike i ka hālau ho 'okahi  - this Hawaiian proverb translates as "All learning does not come from one school"

So I continue on my journey of learning the Hawaiian arts and have also received a certification in Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork with Sacred Lomi which is run by Tom Cochran and Donna Jason. Although I am happy with the Technique I learnt, it's lovely to incorporate other strokes that are popular. Lomi Lomi is a very intuitive massage rather than a formatted style ...  see their link HERE

I offer these treatments to both male and female clients but particularly with women who suffer from low self-esteem and poor body image.

This massage can help them to feel good about themselves by essentially helping them to gain acceptance of their bodies at any age as well as after changes such as weight gain or loss, operations or pregnancy. To bring about healing and wholeness whether they are a size 8 or 30 .... wrinkly, scarred or smooth ..... to help them to feel beautiful, more confident and accepting of themselves ....

My Kumu ( Hawaiian for Teacher) Louise Kleu McEvoy started her training in her native South Africa in 2000 with her first teacher Anthea Hardwick. She apprenticed with her for 4 years before being called to Hawai’i, where she completed her Teacher’s Training with Susan Pa’inui Floyd. After years of teaching, she moved to Ireland and later completed her Mastership in Lomi Lomi with Jeana Naluaui of Ho’omana. She has been teaching around the world since 2000.

Her lineage is through Susan Pa’inui Floyd which comes from Kahuna Abraham Kawai’s “Temple Style Massage”. There are many different styles of Lomi Lomi. Below you will find a YouTube video of Louise at Aloha House demonstrating some Lomi Lomi strokes. It is an amazing place with beautiful grounds and close to town ... ideal for Workshops, Lomi Lomi Retreats and for visitors hoping for a relaxing stay while visiting the area.

Here is the link to Aloha House - the home of Lomi Lomi Ireland.




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