Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui massage is performed with long flowing strokes using the forearms and hands.

The massage completes both back and front of the body while lying on the couch, however it can be adapted to side-lying if you are uncomfortable on your front, pregnant or have back problems.

It is a deeply relaxing, healing and intuitive massage traditionally performed with Coconut oil although other oils and essential oils may also be used.

Often described as blissful and an experience which creates a sense of both emotional and physical well-being, while at the same time  ... a sense of feeling  “free and more connected” with your body.

You can be covered with a sheet, coverings, bikini, thong or sarong … whichever is the most comfortable for you.

Hot Lava Stones can also be incorporated into your Lomi Lomi massage .... as well as a Fusion of Lomi Lomi , Reiki healing and and Abdominal / Womb massage.

For more info and draping styles, simply click HERE


Fees and Session Times

1 hour Lomi Back, Arms and Head massage – £60


1 hour Lomi Legs, Head and Face Massage - £60


90 minute Lomi Lomi Massage (excludes head and face)  – £70


90 minute Fusion of Lomi Lomi , Reiki healing and and Abdominal / Womb massage - £70


2 hour full body Lomi Lomi Massage complete with head and face massage – £80


♥ 2 hour back of body only ( inc head ) with Reiki healing - £80


♥ 2 hour front of body only ( inc head and face) with Reiki healing - £80


♥ 2 1/2 hour Full body Lomi Lomi massage with some Reiki - £105


2 1/2 Full body Lomi Lomi with hot Lava Stones – £105


♥ 3 hour Full body Lomi Lomi with Reiki Combo - £120

♥ 3 hour Lomi Lomi Total Pamper and Nurturing Massage Package – Full Body Massage including the head and face using Organic Cold-pressed 100% raw virgin Coconut Oil or if you prefer a lighter liquid Coconut Oil with Essential Oils using the Lava Stones and working with the 4 Element strokes ( Fire, Water, Wind and Stone) …. then you will be covered with a sheet and receive the Kahi Loa Healing Technique – £120


♥ Client Review - "Thank you so much for the Lomi Lomi Massage today, By far the best massage I have had in my life. Thanks for taking the time to inform me of what to expect before the massage and for the care you took during it. I feel healed. I was walking on a cloud all the way home. I hope to see you again soon.   Sheila Ross, Aberdeen


More info about Kahi Loa HERE




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